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Best Online Humor / Comedy

Best Graphic Satire (

Things to do in a crowded elevator (Area51)  

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Online Entertainment News

The Smoking Gun,  ages 18-35 (

The Drudger Report, ages 18-50 (

Quirky News from Ananova, ages 18-35 (, ages 18-35 (

Entertainment Network News (

CNN's ShowBiz ( rated 9.3

Yahoo News and Entertainment (

Google News and Entertainment (

ABC News and Entertainment (ABCNews)

CBS News and Entertainment (

BBC News and Entertainment (

MSN News and Entertainment (

NetScape News and Entertainment (

USA Today News and Entertainment (

Lycos News and Entertainment (

Wired News and Entertainment (

Eonline ( rated 9.5  

Entertainment Weekly (

Variety, entertainment news ( rated 9.2

Internet Broadway Database ( rated 8.5

BBC Television ( rated 8.1

National Cable & Telecommunications Association ( rated 7.5

HipOnline ( 7.4

Network gaming to entertainment (

All the great news and entertainment links (  

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Online Movie Channels

IMDb, Internet Movie Database (

Moviefone AOL (

Yahoo Movies (

Fox Movies (


The Hallmark Channel(

MediaChannel Internet Television & Video ( (


Rotten, movie critics (

All Movie Guide(

Entertainment Weekly (

IFilm over 80,000 movies, theaters and more! (

Internet Movie Database, reviews on over 120,000 (

Disney Affiliate Movies ( (

IGN FileForce (

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Free Online Music

Over 99,000,000,000 Songs and downloads (

Modern Rock (

CD Quality Streaming Music (

RealRhapsody (

Streaming Media Hosting, your music on demand (

Daily Music News (

Music Bulletin boards (

Classical (  ClassicalWebcast (, click here!

Free Online Radio at, click here!

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Best Online Television and Radio Channels

The largest selection of radio and TV station on the net ( 

The World's largest Internet Radio Network w/interface (

Camels Hump Radio (

Radio Netscape interface (Spinner)

iqBeats interface (

WindowsMedia Radio Player Interface (

Yahoo Music for all ages (LauchCast)

VirtualTuner ( watch the pop-ups!

BBC Radio (BBC

ShoutCast 128bit TV/Radio from around the world (

National Public Radio "the World" (

TV Guide ( rated 9.5

Entertainment Weekly ( rated 9.4

Entertainment Microsoft ( rated 9.2, Movies, TV, Photo Galery and more ( 9.2

Academy of television Arts & Sciences ( rated 8.9

Museum of Television & Radio ( rated 8.6

Television without pity( rated 7

Radio Locator(

Live Radio(

Yahoo Radio List(

Current Radio Links(

USA News Today(

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Best Online Television and Radio Channel Appearance

Best Radio station source(

Buena Vista Online Entertainment (

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Online Entertainment and Tidbits

It's all about the stars 

Celebrity Web Sites ( rated 8.1 ( rated 8.9

Bad English from China ( rated 9

Giant Heads ( rated 9.1

Find websites by geographic area ( rated 9.1

Want to understand the Geography of the Internet ( rated 9.3

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at home ( rated 9.1

Where's George, follow your dollar bill ( rated 8.5

Believe in Time Travel? ( rated 8.9 (strange)

Oracle of Bacon ( rated 9.2

If you are a TV mammal, you'll love this ( rated 9.1

If you're really bored and we mean really bored try Rock, Paper, Scissors ( rated It rocks?

For whatever reason, GPS drawings ( rated 7.5

Music Lovers miss-heard lyrics ( rated 8.8

Angry little girls ( rated 7.9

Collection of word oddities and Trivia ( Intelectually, no comment.

"Where evolution hits the pavement" ( rated 9.5

The Natural World ( rated 8.8

The Thylacine Musium ( rated 8.6

The Internet URL Wayback Machine ( rated 8.1

African American channel ( rated 9.2

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Online Images

NASA image of the day (

Windows XP Digital Photography(

Photos MSN(

AbleStock, over 36,000 royalty free images(

English Virtual Museum(

Comstock Images Royalty Free(

Corbis Professional Images(

Smithsonian Institute Photo(

News Images( rated 9.8

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Online Acronym

Acronym Finder (


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Online Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionaries Online (

Merriam-Webster (




The Skeptic's Dictionary(

3D Dictionary(

NetDictionary, terms relative to the Internet(

WriteExpress, words that rhyme(

Food lover's companion(

DOD Dictionary of Military Terms(

The Rap Dictionary(

Gaelic Dictionary Online (

Garden Dictionary (

Medical Dictionary(

Woman's Medical Dictionary(

Pro-Se Handbook Legal Terms(

Law Dictionary (

Court TV Legal Dictionary(

Lectric Law Library's Legal Lexicon's Lyceum(

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Online Thesaurus

Library of Congress Thesaurus(

Bartleby Thesaurus(

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names(

Ask Jeeves (

Visual Thesaurus(

Yahoo Thesaurus(

Wordsmyth, Explore, Discover and Create(


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Online Science, Space and Nature

BlackwellPublishing Astronomy & Geophysics (

Discovery Learning Connectionl (

Hubble Site, out of this world (

Astronomy Daily Pictures ( rated 8.1

Math and Science Research (WolframReasearch) rated 9.2

Science Facts and fiction (  rated 9.4

Mysteries of our solar system ( rated 8.1

Daily News about Space (

From Earth to the edge of the universe (

Our Universe, news (

Take a graphical tour (

Study the Sky for Beginners (

Educational Guide to the Solor System (

About Astronomy (

UK's Astronomy Magazine (

National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO.EDU)

Young minds and NASA (NASA.GOV14 and under

The Infrared Universe (

Search word 'Astronomy' next search word 'Nature'

What's out there?

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Online Encyclopedias

1911  LoveToKnow encyclopedia

Automobile Encyclopedia (Autopedia)

Bartleby (

Botany Encyclopedia of Plants(


Encyclopedia Fun Trivia


Microsoft Encarta

Encyclopedia of the orient (

Encyclopedia Titanica (

EncycloZine Fun information for the mind!



Microsoft Medical Encyclopedia  Microsoft's Health and Fitness


Plant Database(

Probert-Encyclopedia  Privately funded, claims to be unbiased

Smithsonian Institute (


US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine, Entomology ( Internet technology definitions

Wikipedia (Wikipedia)

World Book(

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Things to do online

Don't be lonely, talk to somebody ( Great chat site

Things to do: Games, Charts, Screensavers, Turntables & More (

Angelfire, things to do and places to visit online (

Activities & Events (

Fun things to do online (

One hundred and one things to do with a pumpkin (

34 fun things to do for Halloween (

At work and bored (

Do Not Sleep (

567 things to do when your bored (

Easy to impossible games(

Things to do if you may become Homeless in a few days (

101 Things to do with a person that has Alzheimer's (

Modern Drunkard Magazine (

TBO Things to do(

YouthOnline 101 things to do (

Things to do for the heart (

Things to do re Blogs and Furl (

Thousands of things to do with Blogs (

Things to do for kids online (

Top ten things to do when your kids say their bored (

Dr. Brian's fun things to do (

Packet Online (

Online web sites that are really fun for kids (

UK Government Things you can do online (

Visiting the US from Nigeria, things you might like (

International Movie Channel, free online movies (registration,

Flicks Incorporated, download movies, fee based (

File Sharing Center (

Free Movies Direct (

Blog Ads, who needs them? (

Generates more ads for Bloging sites (

More Bloging, a sign of the times (Weblogs)

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Museums, famous and not so famous  (Museums of the world)

American Association of University Women (

American History Museum, Smithsonian (

American Museum of Photography (

American Package Museum (

Anniston Museum of Natural History (Anniston Museum of Natural History)

Australian Museum and Galleries Online (

The Apple Museum (

Art Institute of Chicago (

Aviation Museum (

Black Inventor Museum (

Candy Wrapper Museum(

Central Intelligence Agency Museum (CIA

Chateau De Versailles (

Chicago Children's Museum (

Classic Computer, online museum (

Computer Museum of America (

Conger Street Clock Museum of Oregon (

Drafting Pen Museum(

Elvis Presley's Graceland (

Erma Museum (

Exploration, the museum of science, art and human perception (

Field Museum of Natural History (

Franklin Institute Museum Online (

Foreign Groceries Museum (

Gas Mask Museum (

Guggenheim Collection (

Google Holiday Logos Museum (

Green Museum, environmental Arts (

Harvard University Museum (

Hollywood Museum (

Huston Space Museum (

International Toaster Museum (

Internet Museum of Safety Razors (

Inventors Museum (

Israel Museum, Jerusalem (

Japanese Toy and Candy Museum(

Landings Aviation Museum (

Lava Museum by Projects (

Louvre Museum in France (

Los Angeles County Museum (

Metropolitan Museum of Art (

Metz Bicycle Museum (

Montreal Musesum (

Mus'ee d' Orsay (

Musee og sevaerdigheder i Danmark (

Museo Nacional Del Prado (

Musei Vaticani (

Museum of Design (

Museum of Fred (

Museum of Modern Art (

Museum of Maritime Table Image (

Museum of Morocco (

Museum of Obsolete Computers (

Museum of Paris (

Museum of Science, Boston (

Museum of Science and Industry (

Museum of talking boards (

Museum of Temporary Art (

Museum of useful things, retail outlet (

Museums in Denmark (

Museums in Sweden (

Museums online of South Africa (

Museum Stuff (

Museums of Israel (

National Gallery of Canada (

National Heritage Board (

Natural History Museums and Collections (

New York Museums (

NewSeum, interactive Museum of News (

Pre and Post war advertising ( Ad*Access)

Professional Wrestling Online Museum (

RijksMuseum (

Royal London Wax Museum (

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (

Smithsonian (

Sports Immortals Museum (

Tate Gallery, British Art from 1500 - 2005 (

US Army Military History (

USA Museums Database (

V&A Victoria and Albert (

Van Gogh' Letters (

Virtual Library of Museums around the world (

Virtual Museum of Canada (

Walt Disney Family Museum (

Whitney Museum of American Art (

World Golf Hall of Fame (

World Wide Art Resource (

William F. Eisner Museum of Advertising & Design (

Wolfman Jack online Museum (radio DJ of the 60's & 70's

Wright Brother's Museum (

24Hour Museum (

Need more Museums?  Try MuseumSpot ( Museums, Aquariums, Zoos and national parks.

MuseumLinks USA (  Canada (MuseumLinks)

Over 1700 Museums (Museum of Museums), great search for your favorite Museums in the UK (

Museum Association (

More Museums then you can shake a stick at (

Musee over 37,000 Museums around the world (

Museum Stuff ( Great locator

Science Center and Museums "Hot List" (

MSState EDU (

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Online Places of Interest

Ansel Adams at 100 (

British Library (BL.UK)

Fading Billboards (

Monterey Bay Aquarium (

Roadside Outside Art(

VanGogh Gauguin

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Some of the links below may contain adult and/or sexually explicit material. If you are under the age of 18, or if it's illegal to view sexually explicit material in your area, please LEAVE this website.

123 CAM Web Cams around the world

A1 Webcams Locations, People, things & products Watch, Chat, Show, Interact


CamCities warning; webCams contains adult materials warning; webCams contains adult materials warning; webCams contains adult materials

Camville, warning; webCams contains adult materials Webcam Chat Hong Kong Webcams

ComFM Webcams arournd the US and elsewhere.

EarthCamTV Chat and view webcams City Webcams Webcams of nested birds Chat and Romance online

Seattle Webcams


Web Cam Theater People, place, things and adult viewing

WebCam-Index Webcams around the world.

WebCamIndex warning; webcams contain adult materials. Over 42,000 webcams Webcams from around the world Camorama, hundreds of locations around the US

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Michigan ISP services :

Best Microsoft Product support for programmers and programming (Microsoft support)

Nice ASP/JavaScript/CSS/HTML Programmer's link(

Excellent ASP site, great content, weak on appearance (

Top 25 Innovations by CNN

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