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* MapQuest.com

* MSN MapPoint

* MapsOnUs

* Expedia          

* Maps.Live.com

* YahooMaps

* MapsNPrints                Art Source International, map collectors.

* FreeTrip                       Strange looking, but gets the job done nicely.

* Maps.com                    Requires registration and monthly fees

* Maporama                    US and European mapping site

TripTicks.com               Best overall hotel rates from State to State (ad)


What to do when you are visiting another city?


* DigitalCity.com             Things to do in your city (used by AOL)

* OLCG.com                   Your link to America (OnlineCityGuide.com)

* CitySearch.com            Ad based city search

* HelloMetro.com             "top locations and city guide"

* Viator                                

Mapping Software from UnderTowSoftware


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* US Counties (US Census Bureau)

* US Topographical (Topozone.com)

* US Visual maps (Terraserver-USA.com)

* MultiMap.com                   Most innovative design and worldwide views.

                                          Need latitude and longitude?  Here it is!

* About (Geography)            Learn about maps.

* Geographics.com              Pin point a location, quick, no pop-up.

National Geographic MapMachine (World Maps)

* Library of Congress Map Collection

* Map a Flight Route

Color Land From Atlas

* MobileMaps

* Rand McNally

* Taking a trip, printout a map. 

* TeleAtlas.com

* Encarta Maps

* Atlapedia Country climate, population etc

* National Geographic MapMachine

* WhereIs.com

* Eduplace.com

* MapMart.com

* MapTech.com

* LookClickPrint.com                    Quality Art with collector maps

* Atlapedia

* Yale Map Collection

     Antiquarian Maps

     Historical City Maps

     The Lanman Map Collection



Topographical Maps


* TerraFly.com

* Topozone.com                              Topographical Maps

* Terra Server                                  Topographical Maps



European Maps & Planners


ViaMichelin                                   European Trip Planner

* Map24.com                                   European Trip Planner

Maparama                                     European Mapping & Trip Planner

* StreetMap.CO.UK

* Plan a trip in Great Britain or Ireland



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