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National records department, serial number registrar search and record form.

Search or record your serial number below.

Check the history of an item before you handle or receive any item!

  • Is /was the item you are about to receive lost, stolen, contaminated or unauthorized?

  • Check the history of an item before you receive or take ownership of government goods.

  • Is / was the item resalable?

  • Was the item legally sold?

  • Was the item legally resold?

  • Was the item suppose to have been destroyed?

  • Does the item belong to the a governmental agency?

  • Is there a potential penalty for possessing an item?

  • What is the potential penalty for possessing an item that has been lost or stolen?

  • What is the potential penalty for possessing an item that bares a specify serial number?


Secure your interest by nationally recording your serial numbers!

  • Log / record serial number

  • Log / record VIN numbers

  • Prevent lost, stolen and unauthorized possession of any item which bares a serial number.

  • SerialNumberHistory.com allows the police or anyone else to contact us immediately through  the serial number of your item without disclosing your personal information in case of theft or loss.  In turn we contact you vehicle email or a phone call for immediate recovery.

  • In the event your item becomes stolen or lost, a our professional recovery service helps the return of your stolen or lost item quickly and safely. The recovery service collaborates with various authorities including the police and also provides a reward to those who help recover your stolen or lost your item. The professional recovery service not only saves your valuables but also your personal data, time and efforts in the recovery process.


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Only fill in the information you know!

 Serial #:  general items (optional)
 VIN #:  usually a vehicle (optional)
 Trade mark #:  listed on most items  (optional)
 Patent #:  listed on most items (optional)
 SKU #:  wholesale and retail items (optional)
 Product ID #:  (optional)
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 Type:  (optional)
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 Additional #  additional or unknown unique numbers

Product Information

If you are unsure, please list info in "Description" area below.
 Make Lexus, Apple, Dell etc. (optional)
 Model SL, IPod, Inspiron etc  (optional)
 Type IPod, laptop, aviation   (optional)
 Style Convertible, round, flat   (optional)
 Color Silver, metallic, red, clear  (optional)
Who should be contacted if an item is recovered?
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